Sunday, January 26, 2014

Hiroshima Day Trip

We decided to spend a day in Hiroshima to visit the A-Bomb Dome.  From Osaka, it's about a 2 hour train ride via the bullet train, and since we have a week pass, we definitely want to maximize our use of the bullet train.  :)

Breakfast on the train.    :)

The train was SO comfortable we took a nice nap after breakfast.  

Cute Totoro pastries at the Hiroshima train station

Once you arrive in Hiroshima, don't forget to purchase your return ticket so you won't be stuck in town!  We decided to go to Kobe after just to try the Kobe beef (common, how cool is it to say "I've had Kobe beef in Kobe").

We visited the memorial museum first, which is a good idea if you want to have some context before seeing the a-dome.  It was a gloomy rainy day in Hiroshima, so it kinda add on to our overall mood after visiting the museum.

The A-bomb dome is the only structure left standing after the bomb in 1945, and it has now been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

After visiting the Dome, we definately needed something (i.e., yummy) to cheer us up.  We originally wanted to visit the Shukkei-en Gardens, but since it was too cold and it was raining, we opt for Okonomiyaki time!

We took a short streetcar ride to Okonomimura (or maybe we walked, I can't remember now), a building that is dedicated to Hiroshima style Okonomiyak.  Yum!

Hiroshima style okonomiyaki is different from other okonomiyaki in the sense that they have a lot more cabbage - so I guess it's the healthier option?  :)

Trip Summary
  • 9am - bullet train from Osaka to Hiroshima
  • 11am - Hiroshima Memorial Museum
  • noon - Hiroshima Memorial Park & A-Bomb Dome
  • 1pm - Shopping on the way to Okonomimura
  • 3pm - Okonomimura for Hiroshima Okonomiyaki!
  • 5pm - Train back to Osaka via Kobe
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