Sunday, March 2, 2014

Osaka Museum of Housing and Living

We had a free day in Osaka, and I've always been the type of girl that loves to walk around Ikea and envision what other people's day to day lives are like.  So when I heard of the Museum of Housing and Living, I thought it would be something I would enjoy spending an afternoon exploring.

The fact that admission was only 600 yen ($6 Cdn) is an added bonus!  What I enjoyed most about the museum visit was their kimono rental program.  For an additional 200 yen per person ($2 Cdn), you get to rent a kimono for 30 minutes and walk around the museum.  It was so much fun!

Free kimono socks with kimono rental.  :)

Needless to say, once the kimono is on, the museum suddenly became a play belief and photoshoot opportunity for me, and I noticed the same for all the other girls in the museum as well.  Basically all the dads/ boyfriends/ hubbys are given the camera and ordered to take tons of photos.   :)

Kimono fun aside, the concept of the museum is pretty cool.  It is a life sized replica for a village back in the old days, and for an additional 100 yen, you can rent an audio tour, which I suppose is the educational component of the Museum.

Beyond the "life size village", visitors can also explore miniature displays of villages from different eras.  You get to see how life has changed for the villages through the generations.  I would have loved to spend a bit more time exploring this room, but we got to the museum late and it was closing by the time we took off our kimonos.  :(

Still, it was an amazingly fun afternoon, and we got a few more couple pictures for our wedding slideshow.    :D

Place: Osaka museum of living and housing
Cost: 900 Yen/ person - very reasonable!
Overall experience: Definitely worth a visit. One of Osaka's hidden gems

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