Sunday, March 9, 2014

Wedding Favour Box - Brides Bird House

Another wedding update! We've been having a hard time finding a favour box to hold our charms. We were originally going to order these Tiffany blue boxes off ebay, but I just couldn't justify paying more for shipping costs than the actual products, and I just don't like buying things off the internet when I can't see the quality beforehand.

I was shopping at Michaels the other day for valentine's day deals, and came across a sale section with these bird houses by Brides. I didn't pay much attention to it at first, since I'm not really a bird person, but the teal ribbon caught my eye - it's the same colour as my bridesmaid dresses! After deliberating for some time (I end up spending an hour at the store!), I end up purchasing 6 packets, enough for all of our wedding guests.  :)

This is what the kit looks like, minus the happy bride and groom figurine… I just put them there because they are so adorable:

Each kit contains components to make 50 favour boxes:

I tested one out, and it was relatively easy to assemble! The most time consuming part was threading the ribbon through the roof, but other than that, didn't take long. My only suggestion is to use glue instead of the double-sided tape provided to glue the corners of the roof. I find the double-sided tape not strong enough, and the corners end up popping up.

Line the bottom with pink tissue paper, and it's all set! Perfect for our Mickey and Minnie charms. I can't wait to start assembling them. All 300 of them!